Patti's display of a very large assortment of colorful miniature insulators (including
solid pours, swirlies, and the white milkglass); commemoratives including: a McLaughlin
red, a cornflower CD 155 solid pour, a tall CD 102 solid pour, a cobalt splotch, a white
milkglass Mickey Mouse, and two of Mark Lauckner's threadless insulators; a large Thomas
porcelain ashtray with a miniature porcelain insulator in the middle; and several clear
samples actually used by salesmen years and years ago.

Display of Miniature Insulators, Commemorative Insulators, and Salesman Samples

Close-up of Miniature Insulators

Close-up of Insulator Ashtray and Salesman Sample Insulators
Close-up of Commemorative Insulators

Swirly Miniature Insulators

Close-up of Salesman's Sample Insulator Close-up of Salesman's Sample Insulator

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