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We had cloisonne (top of the line!) hat or lapel pins made especially for you insulator collectors. They are 1" square with a white background, gold lettering, and gold border. We have had two different pins made so far, and hope to do one each year, each with a different CD (insulator style) and color. These are sharp looking and high quality.

Having these pins made was an expensive and scary gamble. But, your support has made both pins a success in that we were able to recover our initial investment. Thank you.

The first pin features a CD 200 California in purple. The second features an electric blue CD 257 ("Mickey Mouse") Feel free to order any combination of the first and second pins.

Pin prices: 1 for $3.50 (+$3.00 shipping), 2 for $6.50 (+$3.00 shipping), or 3 for $9.00 (+$3.00 shipping) (shipping amounts are for USA). Some of the ladies are ordering two for earrings (although they are a little heavy). We even found out accidentally that they can go through the washer. (Volume discounts available.)

SPECIAL NOTE: Special orders will be considered. (A show host may want to give pins to their dealers as momentos of the show. For special orders, a minimum order of 75 pins (prepaid) is required; and at least 12 weeks notice is necessary.

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