The Rainbow Riders' Trading Post's monthly snail-mail magazine for insulator collectors has been discontinued.

We quit to raise our two grandchildren, Jessica and Christopher. They came to us at ages 4 and 6-1/2. These two special and wonderful little people not only take up almost all of our time, they need special attention. Their addition to our household was an unexpected surprise but quite a blessing. We wanted to continue publication of the magazine, but it was not possible.

Both insulator pins will continue to be sold, and we may someday make new pins. When time and money allow, we hope to attend insulator shows. We will remain on line and members of  ICON in an effort to stay in touch with the hobby. When time allows, we will continue to add more "classic" articles from our archives to this site, on telegraphy, the telephone, insulators, etc.

Our thanks to everyone who, for 71 issues, contributed an ad or article, subscribed, sent a letter to the editor, spread the word, or simply read the magazine. We have made so many dear friends in this hobby, and added countless insulators to our collections through the magazine.

Please keep in touch, and come back to this site occasionally to see what we might be up to.


WOW, it has been too long since we looked in here. We were kept busy past raising Chris and Jessi - having fun with their babies! Chris's daughter is named Cali, 7 months old, and Jessi's daughter is Serenity, two years old. Time flies!

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