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"We've been riding the range looking to rope insulators in every color of the rainbow." RIDE THE RAINBOW WITH US (just a couple of very enthusiastic collectors).

Did you know that the first glass ever made was actually made by lightning? Just what minerals made glass into this color or that one? What was the link between Coca Cola bottles and insulators in World War II? What did the American Indians find most interesting about the first telegraph lines? Where can you look to find insulators in their natural habitat? What is the relationship between insulators and railroad safety? Were telegraph poles ever used to hang outlaws? What do bears think of telegraph, telephone, and utility lines? These answers to these questions can be found in past articles of the Rainbow Riders' Trading Post for Insulator Collectors, and we will be adding more of these articles when we get time. You can start with "The Aurora Borealis and The Telegraph."

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